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About Us

Adir Sahar is the leading company in the development and importing of unique beverages, with a wide and interesting range of health, sports, and festive drinks from various places around the world. The company takes it upon itself to expose the Israeli audience to one-of-a-kind, quality, and of course, tasty products.


We are constantly looking for the next generation of popular drinks in Israel and abroad and are doing everything to bring them to you. Our drinks evoke the imagination and challenge all senses - because if you try something new, it should be great.


We value adventure, innovation, and pleasure here at Adir Sahar. We also believe that life is one big experience, one that we must exploit to the fullest, and so each product should be a new surprise that you have yet to experience. With amazing flavors, unique packaging, challenging daily work, constant renewal, and communication with our consumer audience, we are not going to stop surprising you.